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    Mental Monday – Guided Meditation

    You are going to hear me talk a lot about mental illness on this blog. I have suffered with anxiety and depression all my life. I didn’t have the greatest up bringing and my genetics make things worse. I have looked for many solutions to try to cope with some of my symptoms and there isn’t just one that has been the key. I did however find guided meditation. This has helped me to focus at work, and talk myself down from panic attacks. It is something that you have to practice and really work on to be able to focus on your breathing and clear your mind. I am…

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    Meal Plan Sunday

    Every Sunday I will be posting our dinner menu for the week. Having this planned our each week saves us so much money and time.  I won’t be putting breakfast or lunch because the kids have hot breakfast and lunch at school, Jason doesn’t eat breakfast and sometimes lunch and I usually just have hard boiled eggs for breakfast and cook up some meat and veggies in the Instant Pot for my lunch. This week I am focusing on using my Instant Pot and saving myself some extra time throughout the week. I will also highlight some deals in our area on household and groceries too so you can save…

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    My Very FIRST post

    Hello, My name is Krista and here is my very first post on this big wide world of the internet. I decided to start blogging because life is hard and I needed an escape. I am very much an “instant gratification” type of person so we’ll see how long this lasts. (Just being honest with you.) I love to start things and not finish them. Go out, spend all the money, jump in feet first and go ALL OUT. I am hoping this blog will help keep me accountable, be able to vent my frustrations, share my goals and celebrate my successes. Learn about my story and what I do…

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